The Best Place to Party – Tokyo

1. Muse

Muse has a great mixed crowd of Japanese and foreign office workers. It’s a large club that plays pop.

2. Ageha

Ageha has a primarily older, well dressed Japanese crowd.

3. Warehouse702

A large space for events. Check the schedule.


8. Club Air

Air appeared in the movie Lost in Translation.

5. Club Asia

A Tokyo classic that’s been around forever and a day. They still pull in large crowds on weekends.

6. Heartland

Heartland is a lounge just outside Roppongi Hills. It’s popular with investment bankers and people who want to meet investment bankers.

 Tokyo DJ

7. Womb

Womb is one of the largest nightclubs in Tokyo (and the World). Bring your id.

8. Le Baron de Paris

A club with some interesting events. Check the schedule.

9. La Fabrique

Loads of events hipsters might like.

10. Gaspanic Tokyo

A popular chain of clubs in Roppongi and Shibuya. They sometimes get weird about id if they think your skin is too brown.


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