The Best Place to Party – Rome

Vicious Club

Via Achille Grandi, 7/a

nightlife in rome: vicious club

Vicious Club, located near Termini Station at Via Achille Grandi 7, is one of the newest clubs in the capital and has made a big splash in the nightlife world. Vicious is probably the closest thing to what an underground Berlin club might look like or a very decadent New York club looked like in the 80’s. Tuesday and Wednesday it is basically an underground cocktail bar open from 10pm. From Thursday to Saturday the heavy batters come out with special international guest djs and they stay open till very late or till very early, depending on the point of view (usually people go there after 2am). Thursday is House and Techno, Friday is a mix of indie, wave, electro and rap and Saturday is techno.

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Lanificio 159

Via di Pietralata, 159/1 (Nomentana)

Lanificio 159

Although it is located a ways from the city centre, this garage-style club hosts amazing parties. Their selection of DJ sets, especially L-Ektrica and GLAMDA is what brings party goers in their 20s and 30s back to this place every weekend for unique sound experiences. A different mask-themed extravaganza happens on the second Saturday of every month. Twice a month during Sunday aperitivo, Lanificio opens its doors to all varieties of live music chosen by the most promising emerging artists of the independent international scene.

Goa Club

Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13 (Ostiense)

Goa Club Rome

One of the greatest alternative and electronic clubs in town. An intimate venue, famous for its original vibe and brilliant soundsystem. The cutting edge programming fortified its reputation as one of the most forward-thinking venues in Italy.

Shari Vari Playhouse

Via di Torre Argentina, 78 (Navona) – +39 334.2532673

Sharivari Playhouse Rome

In the heart of Rome it used to known as SupperClub, today it has become the spot in Rome’s nightlife. Their goal is to satisfy all of your needs, a true playhouse. The interior design is reminiscent of an American house from the 50′s. Tuesday Chill night, Wednesday Hip-Hop night, Thursday Rock-Electro night, Friday & Saturday House/Commercial/Live Club night, Sunday aperitivo. Every night open for dinner as well.


Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 31 (EUR)

Room26 has been around for four years now, at first glance you might feel that you are entering a museum. The marble columns and architecture surrounding this club are quite amazing. Once inside you realize the real treasure about this place – the first thing that overwhelms you is the sound system, designed by Steve Dash it is one of the best in Europe. This place is beautifully loud.

Rebel Warehouse

Via Sambuca Pistoiese (Salaria)

This place is unique for Rome, it has an alternative crowd with 2 different dance floors and it features regularly the best djs from around the world. Rebel Rebel is freedom and craziness, fun and iconoclasm a dance floor in motion. If you manage to go to Rebel Rebel you certainly won’t regret. The only problem? It’s a bit outside the beaten path and not easy to reach but you can always share a taxi…


Via della Stazione Tuscolana, 133 (San Lorenzo)

Init Club Rome

Init is unique in its location; it’s situated near the Claudio Aqueduct, which makes for beautiful surroundings when one chooses to sit outside and have a drink while listening to an eclectic mix of music. Inside, Init is known for spinning many different genres, such as reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, punk rock, and electronic music. Go to the website to check out their long events list, so you can decide which night suits your taste best!

La Cabala

Via Dei Soldati, 12 (Navona)

Nestles on the third floor of a 15th-century palazzo, where the posh and pretend-to-be posh people go. The piano-bar is the best part of the night. Sing along to vintage Italian songs in a crowd of Italians in their 20s and 30s.

Angelo Mai

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 55 (Colosseo)

Angelo Mai is an artistic mecca. A place for contemporary art, theatre, cinema and music, Angelo Mai is a place for research and performance. DJs from all over flock to Angelo Mai, and their event list is extensive! As for the drinking, there is a beer terrace that is delightful when the weather is pleasant, and the drinks are quality but inexpensive. Overall the atmosphere is casual, the music is great, and the location is easy to get to! At the moment Angelo Mai is closed.

Animal Social Club

Via di Portonaccio, 23 (Tiburtina)

Animal Social Club Rome

Animal Social Club is a discoteca in which one can enjoy two big lofts, two stages, and an outdoor terrace. What makes it unique, however, is that it also has foosball and ping-pong tables, so you can have fun challenging your friends, or make new ones by playing strangers! The atmosphere is casual chic and underground, as it is located in an old warehouse. This club is a great place to come to dance until dawn!

Rashomon Club

Via degli Argonauti, 16/20 (Ostiense)

Having just celebrated its eight-year anniversary, this club continues to be the centre of the most popular Roman nightlife. Always ahead of the latest trends in music and often also leading the fashion scene in the city, it’s one of the ultimate underground spots in Rome.

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