The Best Place to Party – London

1. Hardcore ravers at Ministry of Sound

One of London’s best-known nightclubs Ministry of Sound celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2012. Famous nights include Roger Sanchez’s Release Yourself, Defected in the House and Jongleurs. The club has 5 rooms, 4 bars, dance floors, DJ booths, 2 luxury VIP lounges and ‘an unrivalled audio visual specification’. Frequented by a young and crazy crowd – as well as the odd 90s cyber raver who just can’t let go – you’re looking at around £15 to get in, DJ dependent.

Little bit of history for you – for the first 3 years of Ministry of Sound they had no drinks licence. People still came in droves though, allowing them to have super strict door policies. Nowadays there’s plenty of booze, although you still have to be up to scratch to get past those power tripping bouncers.

Nearest tube: Elephant & Castle

2. For Brazilian beats go to Guanabara

If you like your London nightlife with some Brazilian spice, Guanabara in Holborn is your dancing ditch. It’s all in one huge room with tables set out in rows around the dancefloor and usually some crazed drummer hammering his skins in the centre. Everyone dances – no matter how good they are – and if you go on a Tuesday there’s a class for you to perfect your hip-shaking/bum wobbling moves.

Get there early and entrance is free. Happy hour runs from 5-7pm every day giving you 50% off all drinks. Take a tip from me – spend your precious pennies on the Capirinhas, they’re dee-lish. Few too many though, and HostelBookers accepts no responsibility for your actions…

If you’re after a tasty treat to line your stomach the classic Brazilian menu will sort you out, a 14oz rib-eye steak starts at £17.50. There are also some yummy sharing platters I couldn’t help eyeing up when I was meant to be concentrating on my Mojito at a recent birthday party. But let’s not dwell on that – eating’s cheating, remember?

Nearest tube: Holborn

3. Big-name DJs are at Fabric

Unnoticeable by day, but a shining beacon of Farringdon by night, Fabric nightclub plays temporary home to some of the biggest DJs in London. The MINUS DJs are regulars, as is Jamie Jones, Matthew Dear, Steve Bug and Horsemeat Disco. Saturday night showcases the underground while Friday’s are a cacophony of musical talent with hip hop, dubstep, electro and indie all enjoying a spin on the DJ decks.

London nightlife has never been the same since the Polysexual crew got on board for the Sunday WETYOURSELF night. If you just can’t say bye to the weekend, head to Fabric for some dancefloor hedonism from Miss Kittin, Ben Klock and Martinez among other talented DJ fantasticos.

In room one you’ll find a bodysonic dancefloor – areas of the floor are attached to 400 bass transducers meaning you can feel the bass pumping through you like a speaker.

Tickets start from £15, or roll up in your PJs from 3am for a bargainous £7. Don’t really wear your PJs though – you won’t get in.

Nearest tube: Farringdon

4. Rockers go to KOKO

One of the oldest venues on our top 10 list of London clubs, KOKO in Camden is housed in an ancient theatre – complete with stage, curtains, stalls and royal boxes. They’ve recently opened a cool smoking terrace if you need a breath of fresh air (err, you know what I mean).

During the week some of the hottest names in indie, electro and whatever the kids are into these days play the stage. When the weekend dawns its home to Club NME where lesser-known, specially-picked bands hoist up their guitars to entertain the crowd. Monthly club nights, namely Buttoned Down Disco (indie electro pop) and Guilty Pleasures (cheesy dress-up) always pull a huge crowd.

Prices vary depending on the band and the night, could be £5, could be £30. The club nights definitely attract a younger crowd while the bands’ audience depends on their followers. Because of the different levels it’s a great place for watching bands. It’s a cool club and definitely worth giving a shot. Although the doormen are vicious – behave.

Nearest tube: Mornington Crescent

5. Super trendies go to Corsica Studios

Champions of leftfield talent Corsica Studios is one of the coolest clubs in London. A quick look at the crowd tells you it’s where all the uber-trendy kids go – those on the cusp of just being too darn stylish for the ‘trendy Hoxton clubs’.

Undergound music and talent prevails here, supporting Corsica Studios’ reputation of musical discovery. The club is small compared to the dizzy heights of the likes of Ministry of Sound but around 500 lucky clubbers can pack into the two railway arches and the smoking terrace.

Corsica Studios is open till 6am, drinks are around £3.50 and entrance is a London nightclub bargain starting at around £5.

There are no long queues to get in and the intimate atmosphere means everyone is really friendly. It’s unpretentious with a fun arty vibe and has plenty of toilets which always makes me happy.

Nearest tube: Elephant and Castle

6. Mash-up music fans go to Proud

A stern favourite for Camdenites – at Proud skinny jeans and cool hair are a must. Understandably Proud is often mistaken for a gay club – owner Alex Proud is to blame for the mix up – but it’s a club where all sorts are embraced. Housed in the 200-year-old Grade II listed Horse Hospital in the Stables Market, the club is divided into three unique areas.

One room retains the old sectional stables where horses who were injured pulling the canal barges were left to recover. These are available for hire, and are all decked out with different furniture and styles. Some even have poles for dancing while others just a nice big old-fashioned sofa. The adjoining room is where the band plays and the next is now a restaurant or overflow seating area for the club. Outside you’ll find a smoking terrace that looks over Camden, complete with deck chairs and another bar so your mouth never need be dry.

Music is varied but it’s usually DJs and bands along the lines of electro, dubstep and indie. Get in for free before 9 and you’re laughing all the way to bar – afterwards you’re looking at a lengthy queue and parting with around £10 depending on the night.

Nearest tube: Chalk Farm

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